Denver, Colorado

If you’ve never been to Denver, go. This city has everything: Great food, cool bars, history, tons of sunshine in the middle of winter, activities for everyone, and the views of those mountains never get old. A couple days isn’t really enough time to do everything and go everywhere you’d want, but these are some places you might want to go if you’re stopping through.

Snooze an AM Eatery

A great spot for brunch in the beautiful Union Station. Walk across the way to Pigtrain and grab a coffee too. The big, comfy chairs are perfect for people watching.

Breckenridge Brewery

Good beer by the ballpark. Another brewery nearby worth checking out is Wynkoop.

Museum of Contemporary Art

$8 to see some weird stuff. Be sure to go up to their rooftop patio afterward. Or take a light rail ride to Golden for a free tour of the Coors Brewery. Oh yeah, free beer comes with that free tour.

Peaks Lounge

Head up to the 27th floor of the Hyatt Regency for a cocktail and the best view in the city. Another cool, but much smaller, rooftop patio bar is at Historians Ale House on South Broadway.

Work & Class is a great spot to grab a bite – A hip, little joint serving some homestyle Southern cuisine. The Whiskey & Coke Beef Brisket is on point.

Few Breakfast Gin

With the recent rise in popularity of craft Gin, comes a spirit you can enjoy before noon. Few Breakfast Gin is intended to be enjoyed in the morning with it’s Earl Grey infused recipe.
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Herschel combines their sleek design with ApexKnit – Densely woven 600D high-tensile yarn and over 30,000 meters of it per backpack. The result is a stretchy, but structured futuristic looking backpack.
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2020 Ford Bronco Concept

Pulling from the design of the classic Bronco and Ford’s 2004 mock-up, this 2020 Ford Bronco concept blends the best of retro and modern SUVs.
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A charger small enough to blend in with your keys that has the power to provide a full charge in a pinch. The Apple-esque design ain’t bad either.
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Norlan Whisky Glass

This beautifully designed whisky glass improves the whisky experience through fluid dynamics, capturing the alcohol’s complex scents better than any other snifter on the market.
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Smart Rope

Smart Rope is an LED-embedded jump rope that displays your fitness data in mid-air, as you work out.
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Suicide Squad

The full-length trailer for Suicide Squad is finally out and this movie is looking much better than we all originally thought. If they keep it lighthearted, the whole thing could work.


Finally, “Hexcup” – The hexagon shaped beer pong cups that every bro has longed for. Currently a Kickstarter project, I have a feeling this is going to take off very quickly.
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"Bulletproof" Shot Glass

For anyone who wants the contents of their shot glass to be protected by bulletproof glass, this shot glass is made with a real bullet and a great gift for hunters or military personnel.
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