A charger small enough to blend in with your keys that has the power to provide a full charge in a pinch. The Apple-esque design ain’t bad either.
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Smart Rope

Smart Rope is an LED-embedded jump rope that displays your fitness data in mid-air, as you work out.
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SALT Supply Co.

SALT is a completely new idea in home protection that can both protect your family from an intruder as well as the fatal accidents that all too often accompany a traditional firearm in the home.
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Grand Class SL-1200GAE

The 50th anniversary limited edition SL-1200GAE is the turntable you want with the most modern features and capabilities. Available this summer.
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Kodak Super 8 Camera

Kodak is acknowledging the analog renascence and offering customers the chance to own a new Super 8 camera that offers the best of analog with digital convenience.
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