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Watch: The Lonely Island – ‘Jack Sparrow’

Watch: The Lonely Island - 'Jack Sparrow'

Every now and then, The Lonely Island release a funny song. This is one of them:

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A Letter To Glee’s Parent/Guardian

A Letter to Glee’s Parent/Guardian

Dear Parent/Guardian of Glee,

Glee is extremely tardy on their cover of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’. The other sudents turned in their Friday covers over a month ago and it is no longer funny, relevant*, or socially acceptable.

The World

Glee’s cover of ‘Friday’ after the jump!

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These Guys Know What Day Of The Week It Is

It’s Friday!!

I wish we could all hop in our cars and meet in the woods to do some aggressive freestyle turkish dancing together.

Until then, let’s just watch this:

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I’ll Admit, I Did It Too

This Is Just Great

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Exclusive Interview: Screenwriter Of FastFive